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Dr Indu Raman

Dr Indu Raman



Dr Indu Raman
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Dr Indu Raman obtained her medical degree from Monash University and underwent specialist training in clinical and laboratory Haematology at Monash Health and Alfred Health. She has a special interest in Philadelphia negative myeloproliferative disorders, and is undertaking a PHD at Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in collaboration with Snowdome Foundation and Epworth Foundation.

In her position as the Gailey Lazarus Myeloid Research Fellow at Molecular Oncology and Cancer Immunology, Epworth, she is responsible for development and expansion of clinical services to patients with myeloproliferative disorders. She is dedicated to increasing access to clinical trials in myelofibrosis for patients of Precision Haematology and Epworth Health. She also has a keen interest in medical student education, and is an adjunct clinical lecturer at Monash University.