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Dr. Salvatore (Sam) Fiorenza

Dr. Salvatore (Sam) Fiorenza



Dr. Salvatore (Sam) Fiorenza
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Sam is a dual-trained haematologist-haematopathologist and scientist with a single mission: improving therapeutic outcomes for blood cancers for Australian patients at the bedside and the bench. He is a senior scientist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and is currently moving research operations to the University of Sydney where he will work with Professor Cameron Turtle – a trailblazer in cancer therapy – in building a world-class laboratory aimed at harnessing the intrinsic power of the human immune system to fight blood cancers. Sam undertook his PhD with Professor Ian Frazer – inventor of the cervical cancer vaccine – where he discovered, published and presented internationally new means to improve cancer therapy in the skin.

Following his clinical training he moved to Seattle, USA, driven by his mission where his research has resulted in multiple presentations, publications, patents and awards in the field of acute myeloid leukaemia and lymphoma. Sam has a particular interest in CAR-T cell therapy – in which human immune cells are genetically engineered to cure cancer. His clinical training was at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and has now joined Professor Miles Prince AM (Haematologist) at Epworth Healthcare, inspired by the science-driven, patient-centred approach of Precision Haematology.